Jul 11

Gone are those days when a spa-like ambience in the bathroom used to be a standard to measure how luxurious it was. But today, those who appreciate the finer things in life are looking beyond the obvious and the ‘done’.

The use of lavish materials and fittings accentuated the luxury bathrooms of the past as they do now. On offer today are extremely unique additions, which merge technology and know-how with impressive designs and materials. While the modern bathroom has moved beyond mere spa-like features to be classified as a luxury space, a soothing ambience is definitely a necessity. Think “warm and cosy!” Towel warmers or heaters add a warm touch to the bathroom; warming drawers are also becoming an alternative. Where weather-appropriate, fireplaces are adding a glowing touch to bathrooms. While rain showers dominated the past, the present offers much more options in choice of showerheads and varied types of shower experiences. This also includes the trend of including steam showers. There is heavy experimentation in the placement of shower jets on the walls as well as multiple waterspouts to offer varied shower experiences and hydrotherapy as well. Elegant basins and cabinets have always marked luxurious bathrooms. This trend continues with newer materials, shapes and designs. Precious metals such as gold are also being used unabashedly in fittings.

Lights add the much needed spark to an area. Pendant lights and chandeliers bring on glamour and opulence, while LED technology is also being put to use in baths, taps and showerheads. These can change colour to reflect the temperature of the water as it flows through or, they can provide a soothing mood ambience when required. Singing in the bathroom is passé. Listening to music in the shower is no longer a luxury. Now, the bathroom is becoming a multimedia hub: surround sound, music systems and TV screens offer entertainment within! Evolving technology has enabled Bluetooth to be incorporated in showerheads as well. Colour is one of the features that can make or break the look of any area. The bathroom is slowly moving away from light and airy colours of the past to dark tones that ooze out an opulent feel. It is common to see black and other dark coloured tiles. Glossy finishes are also finding acceptance. One must not underestimate the power of accessories to transform any space. Customised toilet papers, tissue and toilet paper holders that are studded with Swarowski or are indeed works of art in themselves adorn modern luxury bathrooms. Art pieces and paintings add a regal look. These are being used unabashedly in modern bath spaces. For connoisseurs of the good life, now is the time to convert your bathrooms into luxury retreats!


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