How do you remodel a small bathroom?

Is it expensive to move plumbing in a bathroom?Β Β Β Β Β 


“Change the floorplan of your bathroom by altering where the toilet, sink or bath is placed. It can cost $500-$1000 to move sink (or any plumbing appliance) more than three feet.

Is it expensive to move plumbing in a bathroom?”

How much should I spend on home improvements?Β  “Estimate home renovation costs If your home is worth $200,000, for example, you’ll want to spend $30,000 or less. A kitchen remodel should cost no more than 10 to 15 percent of your home’s value. Photo from Offset.Mar 13, 2018

How much should I spend on home improvements?”

How much does a renovation increase home value?Β  “Realtors also believe that kitchen renovations are the most likely to increase your home’s valueβ€”but that doesn’t guarantee that you’ll make back every penny you spend. Remodelers project that a kitchen upgrade will cost an average of $35,000, while only adding an average value increase of $20,000 to your home.Apr 4, 2018

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