What are some common mistakes to avoid in your bathroom renovation ?

I work together with you step by step so you can avoid the following;

Not planning ahead: Failing to plan ahead and carefully consider your needs and goals for the renovation can lead to costly mistakes and unexpected expenses. 

Skimping on quality: Choosing low-quality materials or cutting corners on the renovation can result in a bathroom that is not durable or functional. 

Not budgeting enough: Not budgeting enough for your renovation can lead to unexpected costs and financial stress. 

Not getting the proper permits: Failing to obtain the necessary permits can result in delays, fines, and even legal issues. 

Not hiring a reputable contractor: Choosing a contractor based on price alone can result in subpar workmanship and a frustrating renovation experience.

  • Overspending
    We help you keep the overall cost of the renovation below the threshold.
  • DIY Waterproofing
    Do it right the first time with a certified waterproofing tradesman
  • Poor Ventilation
    Avoid the horror of tiny black specks of mould taking hold with the right exhaust fan
  • Squeezing Too Much In
    We work with you throughout all stages to prevent overcrowding
  • Poor Task Lighting
    Shaving, applying makeup and hair styling are difficult to do well in ambient light
  • Removing The Bath
    Taking the bathroom out will affect the resale...Period
  • Poor Drainage
    Every wet area requires a fall, and linear floor waste so if you have your set on large tiles
  • Using Fixtures and Features That Date
    We have all seen the brown ware and the yellow border tiles
  • Porous Materials
    All surfaces should be impervious to moisture otherwise it will swell
  • Not Enough Storage
    You need room for cosmetics, hair dryers, medicines, shavers and on...

Get Your Dream Bathroom

Are you looking to update your bathroom or you may feel it's time for your dream bathroom?...For the right price of course. 

Oh and when it comes to bathroom renovations, you'll be with us every step of the way , so you'll only be amazed by the finished product looks with you in it. 

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